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Deacon Sue Way

Lutheran Prison Ministry Network (LPMNet) has a mission to bring the Good News of the Gospel to those who are incarcerated.  God's love extends to all and his forgiveness is available to all.  When we bring the gospel news of unconditional love, we are meeting people where they are in their faith journey and walking with them.  This journey has many stops and detours, but that is the Good News, we get as many chances as we need to return and keep moving ahead.  We provide or take part in church services in Central Oklahoma prisons in  partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma.  We also have volunteers who participate with Kairos Prison Ministry to bring 4-day retreats to prisons in Oklahoma and  Arkansas.  We will also conduct workshops about the Healing Power of Forgiveness and Restoring Justice and Mercy.  It is our hope to continue to expand our mission beyond central Oklahoma throughout the A-Ok Synod.  The contact person for LPMNet is Diaconal Minister Sue Way.  She may be reached through St. John Lutheran Church, Shawnee, Oklahoma.

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